Over One Hundred Students Participate in the 2015 “Law Cup” Table Tennis Competition


The match site (Source: Sports Department)


On December 12th – 14th, the 2015 SWUPL “Law Cup” table tennis competition, sponsored by the Sports Department, is hosted in the table tennis hall in Dong Yuan. The competition has attracted more than one hundred athletes.


Athletes on the competition field are full of passion, and they have the courage to fight. The game also attracts many table tennis fans come to watch the match, which also sets off a craze of all people participating in the table tennis on campus. The match finally decides the top eight of three projects, the “Team Competition”, “Men's Singles” and “Women's Singles”. In the final competition, the School of Management narrowly wins its rival----the Law School, and is honored as the first in the “Team Competition”. Chen Jiafeng, from the Foreign Language School and Xia Yuanfen, from the Law School get men’s and women's singles champion. In addition, 4 colleges and 13 individuals also get the “sports ethics” award.


Attached: Winners of 2015 “Law Cup” Table Tennis Competition.


Team Competition:


The first: The Management School


The second: The Law School; the Applied Law School


The third: The Administrative Law School


Men’s singles:


The first: Chen Jiafeng (The Foreign Language School)


The second: Liu Wei (The Management School)


The third: Gao Neng (The Management School)


Women’s singles:


The first: Xia Yuan (The Law School)


The second: Zhao Yongqi (The Administrative Law School)


The third: Fei Wenting (The Management School)