Administrative Law School continue to hold the championship in the 4th vigor dance contest

Game site (Source: Administrative Law School)


 On the evening of December 13th, the fourth session of vigor dance contest was opening in the Student Activity Center, which was held by Southwest University of Political Science and Law Committee of the Communist Youth League and Center of Art Education.


As the first group came on stage, team of Administrative Law School beat with hand and chanted slogans with spirited mood. The song “wake up” aroused the enthusiasm of the audience. During the performance, the team won the applause with changeable formation, vibrant dance and superb skill. School of Civil and Commercial Law used the theme song of Journey to the West as the background music with perfect fusion of traditional culture and modern color. Para Sakura para, from School of Economic Law, brightened up the audience with gorgeous dance moves and stage effect.


Finally, Administrative Law School won the first prize with a score of 96, continuing to hold the championship following the third dance contest. At the same time, Administrative Law School also won the best Creative Award.