What is your unique experience in SWUPL?


Why do you study in china?


With several years of working experience in international law firms in Vietnam.  I have had chances to deal with clients who are Chinese. I found that these Chinese clients are very interesting during our culture exchange beside the service providing relationship. Also, China economy has rapidly emerged as leading country in the east. Therefore, I am eager to find out more the story behind China’ success as well as excitedly discover its long history and exciting culture.




Duo to the small class size of the class, most of time I felt that I am in one-one tutorial. Every single teacher was so patient, energetic and address my needs. Professors instruct us with interesting questions and provoke our curiosity in finding out the issues and solution. As stated above, I want to understand more about China in different aspects: hence, the comparative study between China and other countries with legal perspectives has given me the comprehensive perspective about international law and China in particular. In addition, the Chinese classes were very intense but have immensely helped me with Chinese speaking, reading and writing. Chinese teachers corrected each individual student in class for their skill of language.




My first impression about SWUPL was the friendliness of students within the campus. SWUPL students and staffs are always be of help for any matters I encounters in my study as well as personal life. My tutors always check on me with meeting once or twice per month in order to ensure I have good live experience in China as foreigner. Especially, tutors encourages me to strengthen the relationship between me and other students who have the same tutor with me for cultural exchange and friendship.


Facilities at SWUPL are mostly free so I much enjoy the sport activities here with friends.