The life of France warm heart man in Southwest University of Political Science & Law



Strolling in the campus


You will often see a blond foreign boy


seeing him learn martial arts on the playground in BeiYuan,


seeing him write calligraphy, paper-cut, painted face at the China and foreign cultural communication party,


seeing him  teach children a foreign language in the teaching activities,...


We always can easily catch his figure in the crowd


you might also want to ask him in English,


"Hey, guy, where are you from?"


Then follow me to learn the life of France warm heart man 


Do you like sweet food?



Yes, I like chocolate, after dinner I eat a little sweet food.


I have lots of money in China, because 1 changed 8, I want to become fat, that seems stronger. If someone is bigger than me he can beat me, so I eat hamburger and French fries after dinner to become fat. But it is in vain. Maybe it is because gene, or because I like speaking very much, speak more and think more.


Do you know Bruce Lee?



Yes, I know him .I like Wu Shu, and I went to gym everyday before, but now I go there only Tuesday.


Do you have a Chinese name?



Guan Yunce,but I like Guan Zzhuzi


I have 278 friends in We-chat, but most of them is just I know them.


I have a good friend, she comes from Shenzhen, she is a nice girl, so I like people from Shenzhen. I have gone to Chengdu, I love the panda there, they are very cute.









I think every country has his own inside, only you go there you can understand the culture. Before I went to Bolivia, I only know there is a pour country, but after I went there I know the country is very interesting, pour but happy.I went to Japan, but I know some nice friends come from China, so I finally choose to come China.




The one-way love is selfish love, I love but I don’t care after. My parents love me, they give me money and say “love me” everyday, but when I told them I have trouble doing something, they don’t understand. I like this cup, this cup is my favorite cup, I don’t care if she love me. So that is my cup, that is my children I love them I don’t care if them love me.


I mean the true love on me is sharing love. I love my wife, it doesn’t because she is my wife, because she can share me something.




Many people are very shy, I can understand them. I used to be shy, so I shut myself into the room to play computer game, but then I make myself to communicate with others, after communicating with many people, I know the way of communication, it is like a train, so you must communicate with others.




My friends usually ask me to go somewhere, sometimes I don’t want to go, but I usually say ok to them, because if I go there, maybe I can find something interesting in life, so we must do something then we can find something interesting in life.Try to do something you don’t like, I don’t like WuShu before, but I try it, I make a lot of friends in it, then I love it.