The Foreign Teacher in  Southwest University of Political Science & Law

Teachers from different countries have different surroundings, different life style and different language. So what about their feeling?





Jennifer, comes from UK


She likes Chinese traditional culture and love characteristic food and sports and so on.


The grade 2014 economic law students Huang Taoshu


“Jennifer is always smiling to teach us, we all like her very much.”




“my students are talented with wide knowledge. As the teacher who teach legal English, I focus the point of my teaching in legal terms and English abilities ”


Jennifer tell us she love the present work and everyone in the team will give her hand. “I feel very happy in the school, China is almost a home for me ”





Maria, Toronto, Canada


It is hard to adapt the cultural differences in Chong Qing, such as climate, food and language.




“My school, York university school of law, has many years cooperation relations with Southwest University of Political Science & Law, I love the education work, so I did not hesitate to sign up for the graduate program, and fortunately came to here teaching western legal negotiation skills. The campus is very big and beautiful, the hardware condition is good too.”





Nolan, from Illinois 




“Although there are huge cultural differences between the two countries, whenever I meet with difficulties, people will always help, which let me quickly adapt to the new environment. China is at the important stage of the reform of legal system, As a teacher in domestic renowned university of political science and law, I respect and love my work. At the same time, I have confidence for my students, they will become the important role in the Chinese law construction.”