Transnational Love for the Southwest University of Political Science & Law


With the development of our international education and communication in recent years, more and more overseas students which comes from The United States, South Korea, France, Germany, Laos, Nigeria and other countries came to our school for studying and communicating in a short or long term. They have the same goal-----to feel the history of ancient China, to learn morden China and study Chinese law and regulations. What are their experience in Southwest University of Political Science & Law ?


1. Warm feeling in Southwest University of Political Science & Law ?



“I do miss my friends and family around special times such as Christmas. ”Jimi Vanderplancke said. He comes from France and major in law in our school. Although there are no families in  Christmas, Jimi still prepare the Christmas party with friends come from different countries.



“I like spicy food .Hot-pot is my favorite!” Jimi said, “I often eat Hot-pot with his friends. I feel very happy”.


2.When in Rome, do as the Romans



For overseas students,they have to face the language and culture difference



Coventry university teacher George Haughie who has worked in China for eight years give some suggestions for students abroad,“Anyone visiting a new country should try to be open minded, remembering that they are in a new place and should try to understand why things are done differently in different cultures. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. ”


3.Fruitful prospect



Besides the hard and moving in their life, overseas students come to here with the their dream of legal knowledge.



Overseas students feel the Chinese special culture and learn more legal knowledge. We believe these excellent legal talent will shining around the world and open the new chapter for school’s international exchange and cooperation.