New Youth of Southwest University of Political Science & Law in the United Nations


Wang Yueqian


♀birthday 12.1988,grade 2007 bachelor of public management.


grade 2013 graduate student in the major of International economic law.


Now, intern in the United Nations in the Asia-Pacific ECOSOC Trade and Investment.



On school days


As the editor of "youth international law and comparative law review”. Presided, take part in the student research projects, such as the BRICS development Banks research on financial support system construction. intern in QiJiang, ChongQing people's procuratorate, BeiHai maritime court, the United Nations in the Asia-Pacific ECOSOC Trade and Investment


1.Towards the international stage 



Sui Shun As for why choose to Bangkok Asia-pacific ECOSOC internship, Wang Yueqian's answer was "Sui Shun".


Gap Go outside to a higher platform., many students from top universities such as Harvard, Wharton. Besides the wider field of vision, she also feel the deep "gap".


Gain A small thing in her work is unforgettable. She spent a month to write a review of more than one thousand words and then she received full page corrections from colleagues reply,  "At that time I feel frustrated. but the gap between elite and common people is not the quantity of known, but their rigor demanding to myself and tolerance of others.


2.our school give me...


After graduation in 2011, Wang Yueqian worked in law firms. During the working period, because the law foundation is not solid, legal literacy is not deep, she often feel overwhelmed. So Wang Yueqian decided to go back to school continue study to improving ability and increasing employment opportunity. She chose our international law school where she began a new journey in her life.



Good teacher Wang Yueqian mentioned to her many teachers, Chen Yongmei, Quan Xiaolian, Wang Heng etc,. Among them, Quan Xiaolian’s course about WTO case give her deep impression. She was absorb by the real case and feel excited the case details of research and exploration. For the first time she feel textbook pages become vivid.


Support This smooth abroad internship is from the support of the international law school.after get the reply from the Asia Pacific to the UN ecosoc , the international law not only agree with her to suspend unified arrangement of the internship , also provide funds to support her, which give her more confidence.


Friendship Friendship in our school is unique   it inspires Wang Yueqian making her contribution and her efforts to the development of Southwest University of Political Science & Law.


3.Time will give you answer


For the future, Wang Yueqian decide to study hard. She search knowledge in the books and forging in practice.



Blend Wang Yueqian deeply understand and feel the different regional culture and language custom, different education background, academic and professional communication, Therefore, her thinking becomes increasingly wide and have a longsighted objectives.


Goal "I think the wonderful life is not a success achievements, but self-realization. Aware of what you want, setting a goal, then try my best to chase, to achieve and then set next goal, She smiled and said: "it's a pity that I am not a outstanding student, but I want to pass my mind to you, that is, all the efforts will not be wasted."


All the efforts you did


Time will give you answer