Crossing the equator, meeting in Sydney---- foreign-related law talents’ trip to Sydney


At noon local time on March 8, the 31 students form the grade 2013 foreign-related law talents experimental class arrived in Sydney. This is the first communication activity with team in our school . It is also the important point to cultivating foreign-related legal talent


In class



Hu Anqi: discussion and questioning full of the whole class in foreign legal education. Everyone is leading actor and they must participate in it.


Xie Jun: the atmosphere of the class let everyone feel comfortable and relax. You can sak question in any time. Teachers also tell jokes.





Huang Jing: the teacher of the principle of common law is Sam. He is an interesting and knowledgeable black professor.



Hu Anqi: professor Colin have a fluency Chinese, tall and thin. But her class is rigorous.



Huang Jing: the first feeling is modest and affinity with his good British accent. I can hear many new things with him.





Chen Shen: I see the different style teaching buildings when I enter into the campus of Sydney university of science and technology  and the university of Sydney. Even in library, there are various sofa with humanized design.



Hunag Jing: I was absorb by the comfortable surroundings, a comfortable chair, round discussion area have the soft mat. It is convenient for students surf the Internet with socket on the table.





Huang Jing: we can not only show ourselives cooking skill, but also taste Chinese food, Korean food, Japanese food, Thai food in Australia.


Chen Shen: Appreciate this communication for a class to live together, we have more opportunity to communicate and enhance understanding emotions.



Also want to say


Chen Shen: The most lucky thing is not to learn how much about legal knowledge, but my insight become deeper. Vision often influences one's current life,and can't see the future, people who want to get higher and further have the clear thought to get the places they want to go with every steps..


Xie Jun: I have Never shout any patriotic slogans, but I really eager to see China's environment will become better, the natural environment, thelaw environment, cultural environment,


Hu Anqi: When I know only the little part of common law when I was not enough to understand their life, and I have many words to say... wonderfulexperience always short, goodbye, Sydney.