I’m well in the SWUPL

Entering into October, students of 2015 grade have been in the SWUPL for a month. During the month away from home, they left their hometown, left their parents, and started the college life they are longing for. We get familiar with partners from all over the country, and experienced a tough but interesting military training...... During the first month, we have tasted bitters of being away from home and military training, but we have also tasted the sweetness of happy life in the SWUPL. “Don’t worry, my parents, I’m well in the SWUPL.”



Feng Xiao, Jin Xinyi, Cai Yanhua, Teng Fei, from School of Journalism and Communication, 2015 grade “I can clearly feel that I have been incorporated into SWUPL’s body, the concept of ‘SWUPLer’ is no longer a common word in my thought before I came here, but instead it truly becomes my title and my mark. I think I will go forward for it, and walk a youth road without regret. Here, I want to say to my dear friends, ‘our university is wonderful because of us.’”



Liao Wenqian, Chen Ting, from School of Civil and Commercial Law, 2015 grade


“In SWUPL, I feel the enthusiasm of the senior students and SWUPL spirit. I also recognize what SWUPLers are. The military training is over, but life in SWUPL has just begun. Today I take SWUPL as my pride, and SWUPL will be proud of me tomorrow.”


“Entering into the school for twenty days, I have undergone injury, sickness and tears, but it is lucky I make like-minded friends, and enter into the harmonious class. The care and greetings while I am in trouble and the joy and happiness while I am happy is indelible memories. It is unforgettable of each other's arm during hard training, teachers’ and seniors’ help when faced with tangled course choice, instructors’ exhort when get parted, and the affection on report show. On the first lesson, I am well in SWUPL.”  “I came here, the pure place, as soon as my 18th birthday had past. My parents were once objected me going to the far away place, but still respect my choice, and begin to pay close attention to the weather here. Their care keep me warm, and I want to say, I'm well in SWUPL, don't worry, and I will be satisfied if it is all well with you. The way ahead is long, and I’ll search with my will unbending.”



Liu Jiaxin, from School of Applied Law, 2015 grade “Until I step on the road to school, I deeply understand Zhu Ziqing's ‘Back’.”


Pu Deqing, from School of Applied Law, 2015 grade “I have been in SWUPL for about a month, and the deepest impression it left me is its thick human touch. Every morning the soy milk couple would say hello to me; on the road, my new friends would wave hands to me and all strangers are walking with a smile on the campus, all these bring me a lot of simple happiness. This is a strange kindness, and a strange sense of warmth, I feel I am not alone and the longing for home is no longer tear me because here is like home. My families often call to me, and afraid I am not good, each time I would say, I'm well in SWUPL, and I’m not to satisfy them, it is just the truth.”



Li Zhiyuan, from School of Politics and Public Administration, 2015 grade “In SWUPL, I have four roommates that can chat; In SWUPL, I have many enthusiastic elder sisters and brothers; In SWUPL, I have a row of blood brothers; In SWUPL, I have a group of like-minded partners. When I am confused or feel lonely, they would enlighten and company me; when I fell tired or in doubt, they would encourage me and help me solving problems. We eat together, get training together, study together, play together and sing together... Because of you, I am not alone; because of you, I am very lucky; because of you, I am very well.”



Foreign students: Juliane Tatiana Suleen “Everyone is very very nice in SWUPL.Everyone loves to help.I'am really happy!’ “I really like SWUPL.I'm happy in SWUPL,though it is different from my hometown.”