The Motto and Spirit of SWUPL



SWUPL  motto: Learn extensively, practice devotedly, embrace virtue and stress law.

Formulated by  Xie Jintian




“Learn extensively, practice devotedly” comes from The Book of Rites, the famous collection of treatises on the rules of propriety and ceremonial usages in  Chinese traditional culture, and the book of The Analects of Confucius. “Learn extensively” means study various knowledge, so we can adapt the development of the era of knowledge-driven economy; “practice devotedly” means emphasis on practice, understanding theory in the social practice.


“embrace virtue and stress law” stands for not only the combination of traditional culture and call of modern era, but also embodies SWUPL’s educational thought and highlights the characteristic and objective of education. Virtue is a kind of value power of introspection consciousness. The rule of law construction must be combined with moral construction. The rule of law thought is one of the important thoughts of Xun Zi. The law-governing theory is also the core of Han Fei’s thought. In a word, “embrace virtue and stress law” embodies our school’s characteristics and objectives and determination to answer the calling of time.


 In general, SWUPL motto combines the tradition with modern spirits. It accumulated the culture and school characteristics into the eight words.