School Badge



Designed by Guo Xi’neng

Design time: year of 2003

Badge meaning:


In the middle of the badge is  a negative figure of unicorn, it is constituted by the first alphabets in pinyin of the university’s name (head and double angle is x, nose for n, unicorn for z, the right eye for f, nose add a horizontal for D and outer of double angle is x).

The whole badge also looks like Bao’s face (an ancient Chinese impartial judge), which is the symbol of justice and  authority.The negative figure in the middle and outer positive figure form the contrast relation of bright color and complementary effect.

Outer positive figure is the university’s Chinese name written by Guo Moruo, with its English version of the name (Southwest University of Politics Science and Law), and the founding year of the university.
The badge inherits Chinese traditions and closely links with modern consciousness, it delicately applies modern design idea to constitute a unique, strong, beautiful, generous, rich connotation of the badge with implicit abstract graphics, Guo’s specificity and foreign language of Roman font.


Resource download: Illustrator