Practical Education: The Combination of Debate Characteristics and Field Trip Mechanism


The core of the development of higher education is “quality”, and the fundamental way is “reform”. The outline points out that only by reforming cultivation system can we improve the quality of higher education. In terms of higher education of law, the effective way of innovating legal talent training system and improving the legal quality of talents cultivation is to rediscover and relocate the goal of talent training, and to actively explore new measures for practical education.


In the practice of teaching and learning, the Southwest University of Political Science and Law insists on the combination of theory and practice, and constantly enriches the connotation of practical teaching, and actively carry out practical education.


For one thing, at the time of improving cultivation scheme so as to ensure the practice teaching hours, the SWUPL also strengthens the integration of recourses, creates the  possibilities for practice teaching, updates the content of practice teaching, and  steadily enhances practice teaching faculties, for example, it hired a number of elites from practice domain as part-time teachers, the SWUPL also establishes teachers’ practice teaching research system and teachers’ temporary position serving system, which are supposed to improve the teachers’  teaching  techniques and promote the renewal of the curriculum content of practical subject.


For another thing, , in order to improve students’ three abilities, SWUPL establishes a practice and teaching system of five platforms such as “inside-class practice teaching platform”, “practical information extension platform”, outside-class practice guidance platform”, “social practice training platform” and “practical rational strengthening platform”, which connect theory teaching and practice teaching, inside and outside of classroom practice, professional skills and scientific research and innovation, so as to cultivate the students’' innovative spirit and practical ability throughout of the  whole process, , further to strive to shape a group of practical and innovative legal talents.


As a university which aims to cultivate the talents of science of law, SWUPL turns the concept from jurist’s education to both legal theories and skills of comprehensive practice education, legal education philosophy to achieve inverse regression of “Law-Legal-Practice”. With the aid of new teaching mode of undergraduate law education, SWUPL aims to cultivate students’ preliminary way to think like a lawyer and place equal importance on both legal theory and practice skills, so as to train the students’ professional skills and improve students’ comprehensive ability.